Erik Hartman

Computational methods to understand biology.


I am a researcher in computational biology / bioinformatics at the infection medicine proteomics lab, Lund University, Sweden. My research centers around contriving computational methods in means of gaining previously unattainable insight from omics-data (mainly MS/MS proteomics and peptidomics), which in turn could be used to create new therapeutics and means of diagnosis.

I’ve been passionate about science and research for as long as I can remember, and am alumni of the Swedish Society for Young Scientist (Unga Forskare), Society for Science, International Science and Engineering Fair and international Genetically Engineered Machine (iGEM). I co-created the international organization SynthEthics which dealt with the ethics of synthetic biology (although since disbanded). My interests span from effective altruism and consciousness to evolution and computational science. I’m also an avid communicator, and have been a part of various podcasts and articles.

Beyond my interests in science, I’m a powerlifter (OpenIPF) and head of the local powerlifting club.

selected publications

  1. binn.png
    Interpreting biologically informed neural networks for enhanced proteomic biomarker discovery and pathway analysis
    Erik Hartman, Aaron M. Scott, Christofer Karlsson, and 5 more authors
    Nature Communications, Sep 2023
  2. pepnet.png
    Community-based peptidomic clustering reveals pathogen-specific proteolytic signatures in wounds
    Erik Hartman, Fredrik Forsberg, Sven Kjellström, and 6 more authors
    Dec 2023