publications in reverse chronological order, including preprints (if not yet published).


  1. binn.png
    Interpreting biologically informed neural networks for enhanced proteomic biomarker discovery and pathway analysis
    Erik Hartman, Aaron M. Scott, Christofer Karlsson, and 5 more authors
    Nature Communications, Sep 2023
  2. pepnet.png
    Community-based peptidomic clustering reveals pathogen-specific proteolytic signatures in wounds
    Erik Hartman, Fredrik Forsberg, Sven Kjellström, and 6 more authors
    Dec 2023
  3. dpks.svg
    Explainable machine learning for the identification of proteome states via the data processing kitchen sink
    Aaron M. Scott, Erik Hartman, Johan Malmström, and 1 more author
    Aug 2023
  4. Generalized precursor prediction boosts identification rates and accuracy in mass spectrometry based proteomics
    Aaron M. Scott, Christofer Karlsson, Tirthankar Mohanty, and 5 more authors
    Communications Biology, Jun 2023
  5. Selective protein aggregation confines and inhibits endotoxins in wounds: Linking host defense to amyloid formation
    Jitka Petrlova, Erik Hartman, Ganna Petruk, and 5 more authors
    iScience, Oct 2023
  6. Analysis of bacteria, inflammation, and exudation in epidermal suction blister wounds reveals dynamic changes during wound healing
    Sigrid Lundgren, Ganna Petruk, Karl Wallblom, and 10 more authors
    Dec 2023
  7. Bioactive Suture with Added Innate Defense Functionality for the Reduction of Bacterial Infection and Inflammation
    Manoj Puthia, Jitka Petrlova, Ganna Petruk, and 13 more authors
    Advanced Healthcare Materials, Sep 2023


  1. Peptimetric: Quantifying and Visualizing Differences in Peptidomic Data
    Erik Hartman, Simon Mahdavi, Sven Kjellström, and 1 more author
    Frontiers in Bioinformatics, Aug 2021
  2. Bioinformatic Analysis of the Wound Peptidome Reveals Potential Biomarkers and Antimicrobial Peptides
    Erik Hartman, Karl Wallblom, Mariena J. A. Plas, and 5 more authors
    Frontiers in Immunology, Feb 2021
  3. The role of full-length apoE in clearance of Gram-negative bacteria and their endotoxins
    Ganna Petruk, Malin Elvén, Erik Hartman, and 4 more authors
    Journal of Lipid Research, Feb 2021